HTC Sense 4.0 looks like a really tasty treat, brings guest mode, 50GB Dropbox & other tweaks

HTC was the first manufacturer to take up Android, and it is still the number 1 in the most beautiful user interfaces on top of stock Android. Though I am not a big fan of any UI other than stock Android, Sense UI from HTC is the best and easiest user interface a consumer can get. The good looking widgets, transitions, customization options are simply unmatched by any other company. Now with the release of Android 4.0 HTC is coming up with a new version of Sense UI, Sense 4.0 for it’s Ice Cream Sandwich devices.

Sense 4.0 is still not out yet but many people who have been testing it leaked out some of the main changes and features of it. Though we will be seeing devices from HTC running Sense 4.0 at the MWC in a few weeks, let’s have a closer look at some of the features they offer.

Guest Mode

This is a very important feature and a must for all Android devices, I am quite surprised why Google did not make it available on board ICS, maybe in the future upgrades. So guest mode features allows you to keep multiple profiles so if you give the phone to your friend, he will have access to a certain functions or folders which you have allotted earlier. It works similarly to the the guest mode in Microsoft Windows or any other desktop O.S. So maybe your friend wants to show you a really cool website or make a phone call then you can simply log into guest mode and let him use your device, this means more privacy. One of the coolest features of Sense 4.0 according to me.

Dropbox integration

Nowadays most of our data is stored on the cloud, from the ebooks that we read to the music that we play. We also love to share our data and store it on the cloud to access it from anywhere. Well Sense 4.0 takes it one step further, you get Dropbox access out of the box and once you sign in you get 50GB of storage space for free. Now I am a heavy dropbox user and 50 GB is really really great, trust me. Also as Dropbox is tightly integrated with your device, when you want to share some data it directly sends a dropbox link to the person you are sharing the data with and you don’t actually have to upload the file, it treats your device as local storage which saves a lot of battery life and the precious data charges if you are 3G.

Beat Audio

Just last year HTC announced that it will be partnering with Dr. Dre Beats and the Beats Audio became one of the most successful feature on devices supporting it, but the only problem was that it only supported the default Music app which comes with the device. Now with Sense 4.0 you will be able to use Beats Audio in any application you like. This is a great feature for all the audiophiles out there.

Other tweaks

Sense 4.0 will also be changing it’s layout and now will not feature the chec kboxes in settings and other places, instead it will use the Apple styled radio buttons. Also the people who have used are saying that there is a huge update to the email client and are saying that it is the best looking email client out there. Emails are a great part of our lives, personally I just love the Gmail client on my Galaxy Nexus, but if this client looks better than that then I will have to wait and watch.

Well, HTC seems to be going on the right path, just a few days back HTC had announced that they will be concentrating more on user experience, support/updates and will be bringing out few powerful devices. Now this is a great step taken by them  not push half baked products into the market, and introduce a few polished and good devices. I hope this strategy works for them and stay tuned for more news about Sense 4.0 when we go live at MWC.