AT&T Getting Its First Android Phone

Engadget is breaking all sorts of since yesterday.This one is pertaining to AT&T finally getting an Android based device.

Based on the slide we’re looking at here, features include your basic set of smartphone abilities including an MP3 player, fixed focus 3 mega-pixel camera, bluetooth, video playback, and GPS.

Interesting things to note include a “Unique HTC Social Messaging User Interface” whch probably hints at something completely unique to the Android OS from what we’ve seen so far based on the current G1 and Magic.

Release date has this phone dropping in August, but if you look at the slide closely, you’ll notice that AT&T has requested an “AT&T standard UI” which puts the launch date in question. This doesn’t come as a suprise as AT&T is quite specific on what is avaliable on their equipment.

Via Engadget