Samsung uses iPhone Maps Screenshot For Galaxy Player 50 Graphic

On its webpage for the Galaxy Player 50, it seems as though Samsung has ripped off the iPhone’s Maps app, modifying a screenshot more or less for use in a web graphic of the 50. Take a look – here’s the original screenshot vs. Samsung’s image:

 However blurry the intention, we presume this was no error. The slip – the red pushpins. It is also farfetched that the screengrab would randomly be flung into the web graphic due to laziness, when it is evident that it has been ripped from an app that featured on an Apple device, Apple- the consumer tech giant whom Samsung has been so infamously competing with in the recent past.

It seems pretty immature, it does not look good for Samsung’s image in the current situation, even if the designers had a laugh at the ripped off screen.

Source: Daring Fireball