WhatsApp gets ‘Context Cards’ to combat group invite scams

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature addressing concerns about receiving group invites from unknown users. Known as “context cards,” this feature aims to safeguard users from being added to unfamiliar groups and protects against online group scams.

How context cards work

Announced by WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart on the platform, context cards appear when you receive a group invite from a non-contact. These cards provide essential details such as the group’s creation date, a brief description of its purpose, and information about the group creator.

This information helps users make informed decisions about joining the group. Additionally, it empowers users to report, block, or leave the group promptly if they remain uncertain about the invite’s legitimacy.

WhatsApp underscores that this update enhances user safety by complementing existing features like silencing unknown callers, chat lock, in-app privacy check-up, and group invitation controls.

It mirrors the current messaging experience, where users receive context when messaged by unknown individuals.


Group chat context cards are rolling out globally and will be available to all users in the coming weeks, as per WhatsApp’s press release.

Announcing the feature on his WhatsApp channel, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart posted,

This feature will provide you with more information about a group if you are added by someone you don’t know, making it easier to leave and report a suspicious group. This is another layer of safety we’ve added on top of existing features, such as silencing unknown callers, privacy check-up, and controlling who can add you to groups.