[Updated] 5 new userland exploits found , Untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak imminent

Hacker pOsixninja from the Chronic Dev Team has announced the discovery of 5 new bootrom userland exploits which will be used to develop a jailbreak for Apple A5 based devices. The A5 chip is being currently used in the iPad and is expected to be the chip powering the next generation iPhone.

The 5 exploits discovered are userland ie software level exploits and can be patched by Apple. What is more exciting is that pOsixninja believes that it will be the most amazing jailbreak so far making its way to all exploitable firmwares. The team expects the next generation iPhone to also sport the same chip which will enable the team to develop an untethered jailbreak for it. With the number of jailbreak only features that Apple has been adding to iOS , the importance of jailbreaking has certainly gone down. Are you excited by the prospect of an untethered jailbreak on your next iPhone ?

[Via – Redmond Pie]

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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