Qubo InstaView with ‘Video Doorbell Pro and Home Tab’ video door phone launched

Qubo today introduced the Qubo InstaView, a new video door phone that offers significant advancements compared to traditional models. This includes the Qubo Video Doorbell Pro and the Qubo Home Tab, serving as a modern control center for homes.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the Qubo Video Doorbell, the InstaView allows users to answer video calls not only on their smartphones but also on the portable Home Tab.

Qubo Video Doorbell Pro

The Qubo Video Doorbell Pro boasts multiple connectivity options, including dual-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet PoE, ensuring a stable and reliable connection.

It also features enhanced coverage, making it suitable for larger spaces such as villas. With its 2K resolution video and crystal-clear two-way audio, users can enjoy high-definition visuals and seamless communication with visitors.

The doorbell can be easily controlled via the Qubo mobile app, allowing users to view live feeds, receive alerts, and manage doorbell functions remotely.

Qubo Home Tab

The Qubo Home Tab features a wireless design, allowing for flexible placement throughout the home.

Its 8-inch touchscreen display provides crystal-clear video quality from the Qubo Video Doorbell Pro, while its built-in 8GB storage allows for media storage, including photos.

Users can expand their system with up to two additional Home Tabs for added convenience.

Users can utilize the Home Tab to watch video feeds from the doorbell, communicate with visitors, and even unlock the door using a Qubo Smart Door Lock.

Additionally, the Home Tab can serve as a sleek digital photo frame, adding aesthetic value to any space.

Quick specifications: Qubo Home Tab and Qubo Video Doorbell Pro

Pricing and availability

The Qubo InstaView is priced at Rs. 14,990 and is available on the company’s website, with availability expanding to major e-commerce platforms and on-ground stores across India soon.

Commenting on the launch, Nikhil Rajpal, Founder & CEO of Qubo, said:

We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation. While video door phones have been around for years, they’ve lacked innovation amidst the technological revolution in homes.

Just as we’ve done with previous products, we’ve tackled the challenge of reimagining everyday objects for modern living, resulting in the new Qubo InstaView.

With InstaView, we address customers’ growing need for convenience and control in their homes. In the near future, we aim to expand upon this launch by integrating the entire smart home experience into the Qubo Home Tab.