Adobe unveils generative AI video tools for Premiere Pro

Adobe has introduced groundbreaking generative AI innovations in Adobe Premiere Pro, aimed at revolutionizing video creation and production workflows.

These innovations offer new creative possibilities to professional editors, enabling them to keep pace with the fast-paced world of video production.

New Generative AI Tools

These new tools, set to debut in Premiere Pro this year, will empower users to streamline video editing processes. They will enable tasks such as adding or removing objects from scenes or extending existing clips to be easily accomplished.

These editing workflows will be fueled by a novel video model, expanding Adobe’s Firefly models’ family, which already includes Image, Vector, Design, and Text Effects.

Expansion of Firefly AI Models

Adobe is committed to advancing Firefly AI models across various domains where it holds deep expertise, including imaging, video, audio, and 3D.

These models will seamlessly integrate throughout Creative Cloud and Adobe Express, enhancing user experiences across platforms.

Integration of Third-Party Generative AI Models

The company envisions integrating third-party generative AI models directly into Adobe applications such as Premiere Pro.

This move aims to enhance Premiere Pro’s flexibility and extensibility, catering to diverse professional video workflows. Adobe prioritizes providing customers with choice and limitless possibilities in their creative endeavors.

Future Vision for AI in Premiere Pro

Adobe presented a technology preview of forthcoming generative AI workflows in Premiere Pro, slated for later this year. These workflows, powered by a new video model for Firefly, promise to revolutionize video editing.

Additionally, Adobe showcased potential applications of third-party video generation models from OpenAI and Runway, offering insights into future possibilities.

Features of Generative AI Tools

Key features include:

  • Generative Extend: Seamlessly add frames to clips for smoother transitions and precise editing.
  • Object Addition & Removal: Easily replace or remove objects within scenes, offering greater flexibility in editing.
  • Text to Video: Generate new footage directly within Premiere Pro by inputting text or reference images, facilitating storyboard creation and B-roll generation.

The company views generative AI as a catalyst for creativity, providing inspiration, and serving as a natural extension of users’ daily workflows.

AI-Powered Audio Workflows Generally Available in Premiere Pro

In addition to video tools, Adobe is rolling out AI-powered audio workflows in Premiere Pro, available to customers in May. These features offer precise control over sound quality and include the following:

  • Interactive Fade Handles: Create custom audio transitions effortlessly.
  • Essential Sound Badge with Audio Category Tagging: Automatically categorize audio clips and provide instant access to relevant controls.
  • Effect Badges: Visual indicators for clips with effects, simplifying editing tasks.
  • Redesigned Waveforms: Intelligently resizing waveforms for enhanced readability.
Enhance Speech Tool Availability

Furthermore, the AI-powered Enhance Speech tool, aimed at removing noise and enhancing dialogue quality, has been available since February.

Adobe remains committed to responsible innovation, ensuring the integration of third-party models aligns with its safety standards, as demonstrated through initiatives like the Content Authenticity Initiative.

Commenting on the AI-powered tools in Adobe Premiere Pro, Ashley Still, Senior Vice President of the Creative Product Group at Adobe, said:

Adobe is reshaping every aspect of video creation and production workflows to empower creators with newfound capabilities and flexibility to actualize their visions.

By seamlessly integrating generative AI innovations into the heart of Premiere Pro’s core functionalities, we’re addressing tangible challenges faced by video editors on a daily basis, all while granting them additional freedom to hone their craft.