Dylect launches range of Smart tyre inflators and Car vacuum cleaners in India

Dylect introduced two new products for cars: the Smart Tyre Inflator and Car Vacuum Cleaner. The vacuum cleaners are small but powerful, designed to clean car interiors effectively with strong suction.

Dylect Car Vacuum Cleaner

They come with different attachments for various cleaning tasks and have a stainless-steel HEPA filter to trap dust and allergens.

Among them, the Turbo Sweep 600 Pro Vacuum Cleaner is exceptional, boasting 16,000-suction power and a durable BLDC Motor with Copper Winding and Aluminum Fan. It’s not just for cars but also useful for home cleaning.

The Dylect Turbo Sweep 400 (2 in 1) Car Vacuum Cleaner also works as a Tyre Inflator, with a maximum pressure of 90 PSI, offering customers versatility in their choice.

Dylect Smart Tyre Inflator

The Smart Tyre Inflator range includes the Turbo PowerBank 600 Dual (2 in 1), serving as both an inflator and power bank. With a 6000mAh battery, it can inflate tires swiftly and charge smart devices on the go.

It can inflate tires from 0 to 36 PSI in just 5 minutes and has an automatic shut-off feature for safety. The Dylect Turbo PowerBank 720 (3 in 1) is another versatile device, working as a power bank, inflator, and car battery jump starter.

Pricing and availability

The all-new products are available for purchase on Amazon.in, and pricing is as follows:

For Car Vacuum Cleaner range:
For the Smart Tyre Inflator range:

Speaking about the launch of new products, Anuj Bhatia, MD of Dylect, said:

We are excited to introduce the latest additions to our product lineup, set to revolutionize the market. After extensive research, we’ve developed top-notch offerings with advanced features, all now accessible on Amazon.

At Dylect, we strive to become more than just a brand, aiming to integrate groundbreaking technology seamlessly into daily routines. With this unveiling, we invite our customers to embrace the future of driving, where comfort, safety, and style merge effortlessly on the road ahead.