Apple Vision Pro could take four generations to reach its full potential

Apple’s Vision Pro, recently launched in the U.S., is speculated to eventually replace the iPad, according to insights from Mark Gurman on Bloomberg.

However, Gurman highlights existing hardware and software limitations that need addressing before such a transition can occur.

Shifting Purpose of iPad

Initially designed as a larger-screen version of the iPhone, the iPad’s role has evolved over the years. From a media consumption device to a potential Mac replacement, Apple’s strategic shifts have yielded “mixed results,” observed Gurman. Despite versatility, the iPad falls short in comparison to the Mac for tasks requiring a robust operating system.

Vision Pro’s Potential

Contrary to expectations of replacing the Mac or iPhone, Gurman suggests that the Vision Pro could challenge the iPad’s position. With superior capabilities in tasks like video streaming and light work, coupled with impressive hardware features, the Vision Pro offers an alternative for traditional iPad users.

While the Vision Pro exhibits promising attributes, it remains in an early stage of development. Issues such as weight, battery life, and app availability detract from its potential.

Gurman emphasizes the necessity for significant software improvements before the device can reach its “ideal form,” akin to the iterative refinement seen in past Apple products.

The Road Ahead for Vision Pro

Despite curated demonstrations showcasing its strengths, Gurman cautions against premature adoption due to undisclosed weaknesses.

Gurman added that until Apple makes substantial improvements in software refinement and addresses critical issues, investing in the Vision Pro may not be advisable, as its viability as a consumer product hinges on these ongoing efforts.

On his views regarding the Apple Vision Pro, Mark Gurman said,

The truth is, we’re still learning about the Vision Pro’s weaknesses…a lot needs to be fixed before I can recommend shelling out $3,500 for the device.