Review – Official Mesh Case for Samsung Galaxy S II

This is the review of the Samsung Galaxy S II mesh case. The case is made by Samsung themselves. Initially it was available only in Black but later more colours were released including Blue, Pink, Red etc. We are reviewing the Blue version.

Now I’ll state this first since a lot of people have accidentally purchased the fake version. At first look they appear genuine but they are not. Here are some of the steps to identify the fake ones:

  • Check the logo on the backside of the cover. The logo has the same font as the Samsung Galaxy  S II start up logo etc. It is cursive (the S letter is stylized) and has been engraved on a silver palette. The fake models however have a basic font and are engraved onto a gold palette. Even if the palette if silver, the font should help you recognize it. I have included three pictures below to demonstrate the differences. The first one is the original case. The second two are examples of fake cases.

  • Secondly there’s the price, the fake ones will be priced lower and they will be of inferior quality.
  • Lastly the original cases will most likely come in a Samsung see through box. But the fake ones come in an Anycall see through box/package.

Now onto the review. The Samsung Galaxy S II Mesh case is one of the lightest cases I’ve ever used. It’s made out of plastic but I guess it might be lighter than even the silicon and flexishield cases.

The case is meant for the International version of the Galaxy S II and I doubt it will work with the Korean version since the Korean model is thicker. The Korean version also has an antenna for which the case doesn’t seem to make room for.

It is one of the thinnest cases I’ve ever tried as well if not the thinnest. It is thinner than the Casemate Barely There that I tried last week. But this comes at the loss of some protection. Like the Barely There case, the mesh case also lack protection on the top and bottom. So the top and bottom might get a few scratches with use especially the chrome bezel. The chrome bezel is protected on the sides though as the case fits over it.

The case is very easy to fit on and snaps on very easily. Once it’s on, it feels tight and no shakes or rattles are present. The design of the case is one of the best and is very unique. It manages to stand out from the other plastic cases on the market thanks to the holes/mesh design. The holes look great but they also manage to provide additional benefits such as helping the phone to cool faster by allowing better ventilation. It also gives better grip and prevents the phone from slipping off your hands.

The case also manages to stay in one place even if you keep it on a slanting surface thanks to the rubbery matte finish. The matte finish means that fingerprints aren’t very evident and you won’t have to clean the device every now and then just to make your device look good. The paint-job also seems less prone to scratches and wearing.

On the back there are slots for the camera and the speaker. The cutout from the camera is different from other cases as well. The case rises up around the camera and thus protects it from scratches when placed on flat surfaces. On the sides, there are cutouts for the power/screen lock key and volume up/down keys.

The headphone jack is largely left uncovered and so you can still use big headphone plugs there. The case is curved inwards around the keys and that allows you to press them with ease. A better implementation than the one found on the Barely There cases.

The Samsung Galaxy S II Mesh Case will protect your device from scratches but it will not provide shock protection. The mesh design and the variety of colours it comes in will make your phone stand out from the crowd. You can get it over at MobileFun for 11.95 GBP including VAT.





Author: Sandeep Sarma

Sandeep Sarma is a blogger and a freelance photographer. Apart from gadgets and phones, he also has a passion for movies and cars. He currently uses the S7 Edge as his main phone. Catch him on twitter at @sandeep9sarma