itel to launch POWER series smartphones in India in February

itel is gearing up to unveil a new lineup of smartphones called the Power series. Partnering with Google, itel aims to bring groundbreaking features to the table. The first model in this series will introduce a global-first Android 14 Go Edition, signalling a new era of POWER Play.

Having gained popularity with its launches in 2023, itel remains dedicated to providing value and pioneering features to users. With a substantial consumer base of around 10 crores in India, itel’s upcoming release aims to reshape the smartphone landscape.

itel POWER Series

The Power series promises exceptional performance, fast charging, and an enhanced Android experience, catering to the creativity and productivity of Gen-Z. Users can customize their experience with a range of powerful options tailored to their specific needs.

The Power Series is expected to include three models designed to meet diverse user needs. The first model, in collaboration with Google, is expected to introduce a global-first Android Version for an innovative experience.

The second model is said to focus on ultra-fast charging for quick power replenishment, while the third model stands out with an exclusive India-first memory feature.


The launch date for the itel POWER series is reportedly set for February 2024, and the three new models should be available for purchase on