OnePlus Ace 3: 1.5K OLED screen with up to 4500 nits peak brightness confirmed

After the design and the launch date, OnePlus today confirmed that the Ace 3 will feature a 1.5K BOE X1 1.5K AMOLED screen with a peak brightness of 4,500 nits. Except for the resolution, the quality and experience of this screen are exactly the same as those of the OnePlus 12, said the company.

“X1 is the first screen in the industry to achieve the ultimate in “display”, “smoothness” and “eye protection” at the same time. It is also a representative work of Chinese screens climbing Mount Everest.

OnePlus Ace 3 will allow more people to use a good screen and truly “popularize the flagship experience” to an unprecedented level,” said Louis Jie, OnePlus China head.

The screen in the Ace 3 is not only equipped with an LTPO screen that is rare in its class, but also adopts the industry-leading 8T LTPO circuit design. In this, power consumption can be reduced by about 20% to 30% compared to LTPS, and it makes all operations smooth. This comprehensive evolution in experience is an iterative upgrade of high-performance mobile phone screens, he added.

We still have a week for the launch, so we can expect more details about the Ace 3 in the coming days.

Regarding the phone’s screen and the competition, Louis Jie said:

I always believe that the popularization of flagship screen experience should not just stay in the era of parameters, but should return to users, return to value, and return to experience. Some products are just for marketing gimmicks and choose strange combinations like 2K + LTPS screens. The end result is that the battery life completely collapses. In the face of increasingly complex application scenarios and increasingly higher performance requirements, 8T LTPO must be the trend and the future.

With the popularity of this true flagship screen experience, I believe the industry will follow suit in the future.


Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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