Beeper Mini resumes service with bug fixes and improvements

Over the weekend, Apple halted Beeper Mini, the app that brought iMessage texts to Android. Apple cited security concerns as the reason for discontinuing Beeper’s services.

In a recent blog post, Beeper has announced the resumption of its services. However, users will experience changes when using the Beeper Mini app.

Changes and Workaround

To restore functionality, Beeper implemented a workaround. Users now need to sign in with an Apple ID because phone number registration is temporarily unavailable. Until a fix is implemented, users must send and receive messages through email addresses.

Beeper is now free to use, and the team acknowledged the chaotic situation, making the service temporarily free to all users. Subscription services may resume when stability is ensured. Users are encouraged to leave subscriptions on to support the service.

To recall, Beeper Mini offered a seven-day free trial followed by a subscription fee of USD 1.99 (Rs. 165 approx.) per month.

Availability and Updates

The company introduced new features, such as chats opening at the last unread message and improvements to the video player.

Users can find the latest update on the Google Play Store. Users encountering issues such as 2fa authentication need to uninstall and reinstall the app, the company said.

Announcing the resumption of services, Beeper posted:

It’s been an incredibly busy, exhausting, thrilling, and eventful week. Kudos to the entire Beeper team for working tirelessly 24/7 to bring Beeper Mini back into operation. A massive thanks to you, the Beeper, and the broader community for your unwavering support.