Government to draft new regulations to combat deepfake: IT Minister

IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw announced today that the government is taking urgent action against deepfake technology, known for creating deceptive videos and images using artificial intelligence (AI). This comes after MeitY addressed deepfake concerns with an advisory to social media earlier this month.

He chaired a meeting with vital stakeholders, including representatives from social media platforms, government officials, and cybersecurity experts, as well as NASSCOM and professors specializing in artificial intelligence.

The meeting aimed to devise a comprehensive four-pillar strategy focusing on detection, prevention, reporting mechanisms, and awareness. The minister noted that deepfake is recognized as a significant social threat, prompting an immediate need for action.

Within the next 10 days, actionable items for the following pillars will be identified:

  • Detection: Detecting deepfake content before and after posting.
  • Prevention: Establishing an effective mechanism to prevent the spread of deepfake content.
  • Reporting: Ensuring an efficient reporting and grievance redressal mechanism.
  • Awareness: Creating mass awareness about the deepfake issue.
Regulatory Measures and Upcoming Meeting

MeitY will promptly begin assessing and drafting regulations to address deepfake threats, inviting public comments on the MyGov portal. A follow-up meeting scheduled for the first week of December 2023 with stakeholders will finalize the four-pillared structure.

The minister confirmed the introduction of new regulations to address the seriousness of the deepfake threat, emphasizing that deepfake is not free speech but harmful to society. The government remains committed to leveraging technology and fostering public awareness to combat the growing threat of deepfake.