Google launches new Titan USB Security Key with passkey support

Google has introduced the latest version of the Titan Security Key at the Aspen Cyber Summit in New York City. Originally introduced in 2018, the Titan Security Key aims to safeguard against phishing attacks, preventing unauthorized access to Google Accounts.

However, Google believes the ultimate solution is to eliminate passwords altogether. This led to the development of passkeys, a simpler and safer way to access accounts without relying on passwords.

Titan Security Key

The new Titan Security Keys are designed to support passkeys, acknowledging that not everyone relies on smartphones or devices that support passkeys for security.

Google emphasizes the goal of preventing attacks and intentionally designed the keys to incorporate secure cryptography on a portable hardware device.

These two new models will replace the current USB-A and USB-C devices, featuring NFC capabilities for quick connections with mobile devices. With the capacity to store over 250 unique passkeys, these keys rank as best-in-class among FIDO2 security keys.

When setting up a passkey for a Google Account on the new Titan Security Key, users can establish a simple PIN code to securely sign in without a password in the future.

Quick specifications: Titan Security Key (2023)

Collaborative Protection

As part of Google’s commitment to the Advanced Protection Program (APP), which aids high-risk users, the company will provide 100,000 of the new security keys at no cost to global high-risk individuals in 2024.

This initiative, supported by expert partners like Access Now, Defending Digital Campaigns, Freedom House, the International Foundation of Electoral Systems, Internews, and PUBLIC, aims to enhance online security for individuals with high visibility and sensitive information.

Pricing and availability

The all-new Google Titan Security Key is now available for purchase on the Google Store, with pricing as follows:

  • USB-A/NFC Security Key: USD 30 (Rs. 2,495 approx.).
  • USB-C/NFC Security Key: USD 35 (Rs. 2,910 approx.).

Commenting on the launch, Christiaan Brand, Group Product Manager and Grace Hoyt, Partnerships Manager, Advanced Protection Program, said:

With the surge in phishing attacks and upcoming pivotal elections, we are eager to offer a solution that not only eradicates the hassles associated with passwords but also enhances your safety throughout the process.