Google adopts passkeys as default login for personal accounts

Google has introduced passkeys as the default option for personal Google Accounts, driven by positive user feedback. This move aims to simplify the sign-in process and enhance security.

Passkeys Simplify Sign-Ins

When signing in, users will now be prompted to create and use passkeys, streamlining future access to their accounts. The “Skip password when possible” option will also be enabled by default in Google Account settings.

Passkeys can be utilized through methods like fingerprint, face scan, or PIN, offering a 40% faster sign-in experience compared to traditional passwords. They rely on robust cryptography for heightened security.

Users still have the option to use passwords if they prefer by disabling “Skip password when possible.”

Passkeys Expanding

Since their initial launch, passkeys have been employed in popular apps like YouTube, Search, and Maps, with positive results. Major companies like Uber and eBay have also adopted passkeys for their platforms. WhatsApp is expected to join soon.

Future Availability

Google plans to expand passkey usage across various online accounts and encourages the industry to transition towards passkeys, with the eventual goal of making passwords obsolete.

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