OPPO and Hasselblad unveil next-gen HyperTone camera system

OPPO and Hasselblad had announced a collaborative effort to develop the next iteration of HyperTone Camera Systems in 2024. This announcement was made at Paris Photo 2023, marking a significant stride in their three-year partnership, which commenced with the Find X5 series.

The forthcoming Find series flagships will feature the innovative HyperTone Camera Systems, promising users exceptional photography capabilities in all scenarios.

Photography Aesthetics Feature Quantification Lab

To align technical precision with user aesthetics, OPPO introduces the Photography Aesthetics Feature Quantification Lab. Comprising 10% photography technicians, 50% professional photographers, and 40% color experts, this lab is dedicated to a unique approach.

Through feature breakdown, solutions planning, and meticulous tuning, OPPO pioneers a groundbreaking system, ushering in a new era in computational photography.

The HyperTone Camera System

OPPO’s HyperTone Camera System comprises the HyperTone All Main Camera System, HyperTone Image Engine, and HyperTone ProXDR Display.

This end-to-end system-level imaging solution is not limited to the Find series but will extend to various OPPO product series in the future. The HyperTone Camera System promises a consistent aesthetic and exceptional image quality across flagship devices.

Features of HyperTone Camera System

All Main Camera System: Industry’s first-ever All Main Camera System, catering to high-quality imaging for every focal length, day or night.

HyperTone Image Engine: This engine reduces digital artifacts and enhances clarity using the Extra HD Algorithm, which requires 400% more computing power but delivers cleaner and clearer details.

ProXDR Display: The ProXDR Display precisely records brightness, unlocking up to eight times more dynamic range on-screen for a more realistic photo-viewing experience.

Hasselblad Portrait Mode

Hasselblad Portrait Mode, integrated with the HyperTone Engine, provides industry-leading portrait photography effects. With delicate tonal changes, optimized skin tone colors, and Bokeh Flare Portrait, users can achieve a three-dimensional portrait with accurate skin tones and cinematic bokeh effects.

OPPO’s Impact at Paris Photo 2023

As the sole smartphone brand participating in the 26th Paris Photo event, OPPO showcased exceptional images, including works from world-class photographers and winners of the OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards 2023. This presence not only fosters cross-cultural communication but also unveils new possibilities in mobile imaging to a global audience.

Celebrating Artists at Paris Photo

Renowned photographers like Tina Signesdottir Hult, Wang Jianjun, Yin Chao, and OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards 2023 winner Ahei Huan attended the festival, witnessing the debut of their work shot using OPPO phones at Paris Photo.

Speaking at the event, OPPO Imaging Director Oliver Zhang, said:

Thanks to the HyperTone Camera System, the reception of the Find X6 Series has been overwhelmingly positive among both the general public and professionals alike. Introducing flagship-level imaging to foldables for the first time with the Find N3 Series is a source of great satisfaction.

Our collaboration with Hasselblad has now evolved into a new phase, combining classic imaging aesthetics with mobile technology. OPPO and Hasselblad have crafted an aesthetic system tailored for mobile imaging. Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited to announce the launch of the next generation HyperTone Camera Systems and the Hasselblad camera experience, continuing our commitment to setting new industry standards.

Commenting at the event, Bronius Rudnickas, Hasselblad Global Marketing Manager, said:

We are delighted to witness OPPO’s latest strides in mobile imaging, empowering users to unleash their creativity through photography on their smartphones. Our ongoing collaboration to develop the next-generation HyperTone Camera Systems is a significant undertaking.

It goes beyond a mere inheritance of style; rather, it represents a seamless and profound integration of aesthetics and technology between our two brands. This integration promises photography enthusiasts elevated image quality and stylized experiences, surpassing the capabilities of typical mobile phones. I eagerly anticipate sharing the outcomes of our collaboration with all creators next year.