Apple’s 2024 software updates delayed for quality control: Report

Apple has decided to postpone the development of next year’s software updates for its iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices. This decision was made to address problems in the code and enhance the overall quality of its software, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Quality Control Over New Features

The delay is not about adding new features, but rather about improving software performance and addressing bugs. Apple is known for its user-friendly and privacy-focused software, making quality control crucial. Striking a balance between adding new features and maintaining smooth operation is a priority.

In recent years, Apple has put a strong emphasis on software quality, even if it means delaying new capabilities. Apple’s software engineering chief, Craig Federighi, has implemented policies to prevent software regressions and fix mistakes promptly. These efforts have resulted in fewer bugs and fewer feature delays.

Recent Halt in Development

However, the latest software development phase faced challenges. Apple’s software engineering team discovered an excessive number of bugs, known as “escapes,” that were missed during internal testing. As a result, they temporarily halted all new feature development for one week to focus on bug fixes.

With thousands of employees working on various Apple operating systems and devices that need to work together seamlessly, glitches can emerge. Coordinating the efforts of a large team can sometimes lead to issues.

Milestone Releases Delayed

Apple recently completed the first version of its next iPhone, iPad, and Mac operating systems, referred to as M1. The next versions, M2, iOS 18, iPadOS 18 (internally known as “Crystal”), macOS 15 (“Glow”), watchOS 11 (“Moonstone”), and iOS 17.4, were briefly delayed but are expected to be released according to schedule.

The development delays also affected visionOS, the software for Apple’s Vision Pro headset, which is due next year. Despite the delays, consumer releases are not expected to be postponed.

Apple’s Future Plans

Apple is set to resume its software development this week, with plans to launch software updates in September and previews scheduled for June. The focus for the next year will be on integrating generative AI into their products, according to Gurman.