Car Finder and Wipolo – Travel apps for Bada and Android phones

Here are two travel apps, Car Finder and Wipolo for your Bada and Android phones. The Car Finder app uses GPS to remember the location of your parked car and guides you to it. Wipolo is handy to view the travel information like weather forecasts, currencies, timezone etc.

The Car Finder app remembers the location where the car is parked by navigating to previously visited locations. It can save up to 4 different locations and works offline.It also tells how long your car has been parked and shows the distance and the direction where the car is parked. You could also use the Google Maps to find the location.

Wipolo is a useful app for travelers , that shows information like weather forecasts, currencies, timezone information and phone prefixes list for the places you travel. Other features include friend connect to see where they are traveling.

The app also provides an option to centralize all the travel information for the app just by mailing the booking emails of flight, train, hotel bookings to You need to create an account on the Wipolo site to use this feature. There are also Wipolo Pro features like alerts for flight or train delays and much more.

Download the Car Finder app for Bada Wave phones from the Samsungapps site for free. Download the Wipolo app for Bada phones from the Samsungapps site and for the Android phones (Android 2.1 and above) from the Android Market for free.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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