YouTube expands crackdown on ad-blockers globally

YouTube is intensifying its battle against ad blockers. The platform has initiated a global campaign to persuade users to either allow ads or explore YouTube Premium, according to a statement from YouTube communications manager Christopher Lawton provided to The Verge.

If you encounter YouTube’s ad blocker, you might see a notice stating, “Video playback is blocked unless YouTube is allowlisted or the ad blocker is disabled.” Additionally, it will prompt you to allow ads or try YouTube Premium. While you may still get prompts regarding YouTube’s stance on ad blockers, YouTube now more frequently blocks video playback.

YouTube’s Efforts to Encourage Ad Viewing

Initially described as a “small experiment globally,” YouTube confirmed in June that it was disabling videos for users with ad blockers. However, it has recently broadened this effort due to an increase in user reports over the past few weeks.

Lawton emphasizes that the use of ad blockers goes against the platform’s terms of service, highlighting that ads support a diverse community of creators globally and enable billions to access their favorite content on YouTube.

YouTube’s Changes to Ad Operations

YouTube has made several changes to its ad operations this year, including introducing unskippable 30-second ads to its TV app in May and experimenting with longer but less frequent ad breaks on TV.

YouTube’s anti-ad blocker stance appears to be here to stay, with potential plans to employ even more aggressive measures to counter ad blockers and other ad-disabling methods in the future.

YouTube aims to encourage users to subscribe to its ad-free YouTube Premium by using longer ad breaks. The discontinuation of its cheaper Premium Lite plan might make this option less appealing to users.