YouTube said to be testing stricter policies for ad-blockers

YouTube is reportedly testing a more aggressive stance against ad blockers, as reported by a Reddit user (Reddit_n_Me). The new popup message includes three numbered white boxes, warning users that their video player will be blocked after three instances of ad blocking.

In the past, people relied on YouTube Vanced to enjoy a Premium-like experience for free. However, this service was discontinued in March last year due to legal pressure from Google.

The pop-up also offers users the option to try YouTube Premium or allow ads by clicking a button. It includes a sentence urging users to disable their ad blockers or face the risk of their video player being blocked.

However, it appears that this restriction is currently being tested with a limited number of users, so the full impact is uncertain.

YouTube has been sending popups to free tier users, informing them that ad blockers are not permitted on the platform. Some users have now encountered a revised version of this dialog box, which includes similar wording but introduces a new three-strikes policy.

With ad blockers potentially becoming less effective, it seems that free users will have to endure ads, including potentially unskippable 30-second slots for those using connected TVs. Alternatively, they can opt for a Premium subscription, which costs USD 12/month (INR 129.00/month in India).

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