NVIDIA plans to sell ARM-based PC chips by 2025: Report

NVIDIA is working on designing central processing units (CPUs) that will run Microsoft’s Windows operating system, using Arm technology, according to a report from Reuters. Microsoft aims to support chip companies in creating Arm-based processors for Windows PCs to compete with Apple’s success in this market.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is also planning to produce Arm-based PC chips. Both NVIDIA and AMD might release their products by 2025, joining Qualcomm, which has been making Arm-based laptop chips since 2016.

Challenging Intel Dominance

NVIDIA, AMD, and Qualcomm’s efforts could disrupt Intel’s long-standing dominance in the PC industry, following Apple’s successful transition to Arm-based chips. Microsoft has recognized the efficiency of Apple’s Arm-based chips and is seeking similar performance for Windows PCs.

In 2016, Microsoft gave Qualcomm exclusive rights to develop Windows-compatible Arm-based chips until 2024. Afterward, Microsoft plans to encourage more companies to enter the market.

Embracing AI Integration

Microsoft is pushing chipmakers to incorporate advanced AI features into their CPUs, envisioning AI-enhanced software as an integral part of Windows. To achieve this, upcoming chips from NVIDIA, AMD, and others need to allocate on-chip resources for AI processing.

Challenges Ahead

The transition to Arm-based designs comes with challenges. Software developed for the x86 computing architecture, used by Intel and AMD, may not run on Arm-based chips automatically. Transitioning could be complex, given the extensive investment in x86 code.