X reportedly working on ‘X Premium’ with three-tier options

Elon Musk’s social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has been going through significant changes since he acquired it last year. It appears that Musk is planning to offer different levels of paid services under the X Premium umbrella.

According to the findings by researcher Aaron (@aaronp613), X Premium will be divided into three tiers: Premium Basic (with full ads), Premium Standard (with half ads), and Premium Plus (with no ads).

Currently, X Premium subscribers see fewer ads in their timelines compared to non-paying users. Those who subscribe to X Premium already enjoy exclusive features like customizing the app icon, editing posts, text formatting, longer posts and videos, and access to X Pro (formerly known as TweetDeck).

Furthermore, the developer shared that the latest iOS update for the X app introduces features like managing encrypted devices for direct messages and allowing creators with subscriptions to access their subscribers’ emails for other platforms.

Additionally, X is planning to introduce a feature where you can limit your replies to only verified accounts, and timestamp tagging is now appearing in X’s iOS app, suggesting it may be available soon.

In India, the subscription for X is priced at Rs. 650 per month for web access and Rs. 900 per month for iOS/Android access. The annual web subscription costs Rs. 6,800. However, the pricing details for the new tiers and how existing subscribers will transition to them remain uncertain.