Noise and Il Jin Electronics partners to manufacture smart wearables in India

Noise, a leading player in the smart wearables industry, has partnered with Il Jin Electronics, a subsidiary of Amber Enterprises India Limited, to enhance the production of smart wearables in India.

Noise and Il Jin Electronics collaboration

This collaboration brings together Noise’s deep knowledge of the field and Il Jin Electronics’ manufacturing expertise, resources, and innovation capabilities.

Together, they aim to establish a top-notch manufacturing ecosystem in India, contributing significantly to the growth of the entire category.

Focus on Local Value Addition

Noise’s joint venture signifies its commitment to the ‘Make in India’ initiative, focusing on enhancing local value addition through in-house product assembly, hardware design, and component manufacturing.

Nosie, already manufacturing over 95% of its products in India, this strategic partnership aims to further boost the growth of the smart wearables industry and establish India as a key destination for global manufacturers.

Strengthening the ‘Make in India’ Initiative

This collaboration is a significant step towards reinforcing the ‘Make in India’ initiative. It aims to reduce import dependency, promote top-tier manufacturing, and establish India as a global hub for cutting-edge wearable technology across various categories.

Speaking on the venture, Mr. Amit Khatri, Co-founder of Noise, said,

Our alliance with Il Jin Electronics marks a significant step in our quest to bolster India’s manufacturing prowess. As trailblazers in the field, our dedication to producing high-quality, ‘Made in India’ smart wearables remains steadfast. This collaboration will harness our collective expertise to boost domestic production, drive category expansion, and spur growth across the ecosystem.

Commenting on the partnership, Jasbir Singh, Chairman, and CEO, of Amber Enterprises India Limited, said,

We are thrilled to join forces with Noise, a frontrunner in the smart wearable market. This collaboration paves the way for the creation of a top-tier local ecosystem for wearables and other intelligent electronic products, furthering our contribution to the broader ‘Make in India’ initiative.