Dizo faces challenges with CEO resignation and user problems

In April, realme Techlife was rebranded as realme narzo. There are indications that Dizo, a sub-brand of realme, may shut down, which has raised concerns among its users.

Uncertainty Surrounding DIZO’s Future Amid CEO’s Departure

The resignation of Dizo’s CEO, Abhilash Panda, has fueled speculations about the brand’s stability. Reports and user complaints have further reinforced the belief among Dizo customers that the company might have ceased operations.

Dizo app and customer support issues

Many users have complained that the Dizo app, which is supposed to provide product information, updates, and support, is not functioning properly.

The app has been showing errors and glitches, and some users have even reported that it has been removed from the Google Play Store. Moreover, Dizo’s customer support has been unresponsive to user queries and complaints, leaving them feeling ignored and dissatisfied.

Dizo product quality and performance issues

Besides the app and customer support issues, Dizo users have also encountered problems with their products. Users have reported product defects, poor build quality, and low performance of their Dizo devices. These problems have affected the user experience and satisfaction of Dizo customers, who expected better quality and performance from the brand.

Dizo social media silence

Another factor that has contributed to the uncertainty about Dizo’s future is the lack of communication from the company on its social media platforms.

The last post from the official Dizo Twitter account was on March 31st, and there has been no update or announcement from the company since then. This silence has raised doubts about the company’s current status and future plans.

Dizo’s Independence from realme

However, Abhilash Panda, the former CEO of Dizo, had previously stated that Dizo is an independent brand and not directly linked to realme. He had stressed that realme is only a sponsor of Dizo products and not involved in their development or management.

DIZO’s Ongoing Sales and Presence on E-commerce Platforms

Despite the concerns, DIZO continues to sell its products through its official website, as well as on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. This indicates that the brand is still active in terms of product availability and distribution.