Google said to be working on ‘Find My Device’ for powered off phones

Google is currently developing a feature called ‘Find My Device’ which will allow users to locate their device even when it is switched off, according to tipster Kuba Wojciechowski. This feature is similar to the one offered by Apple.

Apple iPhones offer users an incredible feature known as ‘Find My Device’ network that allows them to track any lost or stolen iPhone, iPad, Mac, or AirTag, regardless of whether they are within range of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and even if the device is turned off.

In December 2022, Google teased their own version of this feature, ‘Find My Device’ network, which made it possible for users to track lost or stolen Android phones without the internet.

Google’s new ‘Find My Device’ feature:  Pixel Power-off Finder

Google is reportedly working on an exciting new ‘Find My Device’ feature called Pixel Power-off Finder, which will be available on Google phones. The feature will allow users to locate their devices even when they are turned off, similar to Apple’s Find My network. Google is building a network of all Android devices that supports UWB and locator tags, including Google’s own codenamed “grogu”.

Google has shared the early source code of Android 14 with OEMs enrolled in the Early Access Program, introducing a new Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) definition, labeled as “”. When the phone is switched off, the device’s Bluetooth chip will still be active to receive the precomputed Finger Network keys.

It’s unclear whether current Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 devices will support this technology, which requires hardware support to keep the Bluetooth chip activated at all times. However, it’s likely that the forthcoming Pixel 8 will have this feature right out of the box.