WhatsApp rolls out Message Yourself, Profile photos group chat in beta

WhatsApp Voice Notes

Following the release of the WhatsApp beta for Android update, WhatsApp is now initiating a minor test by sending “messages to yourself” to a small number of beta testers, along with the Profile photo group chat option.

Message Yourself

Following the newest Android app update, some beta testers noted that WhatsApp is now spotlighting that chat by putting “message yourself” as the chat caption, as shown in the screenshot below. Sending text messages to your personal phone number remains unchanged. WhatsApp uses a separate caption to highlight the message using your phone number.

Furthermore, some beta testers may have noticed a better synchronization of messages within the chat with their own phone numbers for some time. And, if you send a message to the chat with your phone number, it will always be synced with your other linked devices since multi-device is no longer unsupported.

Profile photos – group chat

Within group chats, WhatsApp is publishing profile images of group users. The best way to find out if the feature is enabled for your account, as seen in this screenshot, is to create a group. These aid group members in recognizing other individuals with the same name.

Furthermore, if the group member does not have a profile picture or if it is hidden due to their privacy settings, the default empty profile photo will appear. The default vacant profile photo has always been coloured with the contact name’s colour.

As far as the availability of the “Message Yourself” and “Profile photos group chat” features is concerned, WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS beta testers is rolling out, and it will probably be a while before normal users can access them. Earlier, WhatsApp, working on the Logout screen for multi-device, rolled out Forward media with a caption.

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