Sony IMX675 sensor with dual speed streaming for security cameras announced

Sony Semiconductor Solutions today announced the Sony IMX675, a 1/3-type CMOS image sensor for security cameras, will be available soon. This is a first in the business. The company’s new sensor uses Dual Speed Streaming technology to output all the pixels in a captured image at up to 40 frames per second, while also outputting certain user-set regions of interest at high speed.

By utilizing this image sensor, a single camera may not only offer comprehensive photographs of scenes, but also provide high-speed detection of individual objects at a high level of detail. This sensor is designed to collect high-quality images regardless of usage conditions or time of day, contributing to a safer, more secure society.

Another feature of the sensor is that it incorporates Sony’s proprietary STARVIS 2 technologies, which provides excellent sensitivity and a broad dynamic range while consuming roughly 30% less power than standard models. Its patented layered structure allows it to provide a dynamic range of 78 dB, which is nearly 2.5 times that of typical models when utilized in a single exposure manner.

Sony’s proprietary Dual Speed Streaming technology enables the new sensor to concurrently output the entire collected image and specific regions of interest at different frame rates. This enables the simultaneous capturing of a whole scene as well as the exact identification of rapidly moving objects with a single camera. This design reduces the system’s cost.

The new sensor, for example, can be used to take a complete picture of an intersection while also identifying the pedestrians and vehicles passing through it, or to take a complete picture of a highway while also taking the necessary pictures to identify the license plate numbers of the vehicles using it.

Sample shipments of the new Sony IMX675 sensor are expected to commence in August 2022.