Twitter is testing “CoTweets” feature allowing two users co-author a tweet

With the help of Twitter users, a new CoTweets feature is now being tested. Two accounts can co-author a tweet using the CoTweets option, and both accounts can be tagged in a single tweet. After testing the concept earlier this year, Twitter announced in a post that the new feature is already live for select users in the US, Canada, and Korea for a small period of time.

How Twitter CoTweets work?

Today, a number of Twitter users have been testing the CoTweets feature, which enables the main tweet author to ask a second person to be tagged in the tweet and discuss its topics over Direct Message. The co-authored tweet requires approval from the second account; the final version of the tweet indicates that it was written by two people, but comments only seem to be directed at the primary author.

You can revoke a CoTweet once it has been published, according to Twitter, if you have accepted a CoTweet invitation but then decide that you do not wish to be a co-author of that CoTweet. The original tweeter will then retweet the CoTweet as usual.

Additionally, users can really only invite one co-author per CoTweet because only two authors can simultaneously appear in the header of a CoTweet.


Select accounts in Canada, Korea, and the US can now send invitations to CoTweet with another account as part of a limited experiment.

Given that Twitter claims to be testing the ability for a short period, it is evident that the business intends to observe how CoTweets are used before making changes and officially releasing the service to all users. According to Twitter, the feature might be turned off after this experiment is over and any CoTweets might be deleted.

Regarding the feature Twitter said:

We’re experimenting with CoTweet as a way for two authors to share the spotlight, showcase their contributions, and engage with more people. This limited-time experiment allows select accounts in Canada, Korea, and the US to send invites to CoTweet with another account.