Next iPhone to come in standard and pro version?

iPhone 4 is no doubt one of the most beautiful smartphones available in the market. It’s beautiful and people love it, but for some people the device isn’t affordable. We all know that iPhone 4 is an expensive device and some people use it as their status symbol. Recently, we showed you first shots of the iPhone 5, which is bigger in size as compared to the current iPhone. We also heard that Apple will be bringing the mini version of iPhone which will be cheap as compared to the original model. Now iPhone Download Blog is reporting that next iPhone will come in two versions, pro and standard. That’s make sense, because Apple is ruling the smartphone market with iPhone, but with standard and cheap version, they can target the small scale mobile phone market. I think that this strategy will attract a lot of new customers, because people are looking for a affordable iPhone.

So what’s standard and pro? No words on the specs of the device from the source but what my guess is that the pro version will come with all high end stuff like a dual-core processor, higher megapixel camera with front facing camera, Retina display and better hardware, whereas the standard version will feature a single core processor, a 3 or 5 Megapixel camera, normal resolution display, and other normal stuff. Well, you have to lose some, to gain some.

So friends, do you think that Apple should launch two versions of iPhone?