Subway Surfers Tag, HEROish and more games coming to Apple Arcade in July

Apple usually adds new games to Apple Arcade on Fridays, but that doesn’t mean that it will always be a big update or brand-new games every Friday. In July, Apple Arcade subscribers can look forward to the release of three new App Store greats, as well as the introduction of a variety of games that are making their first appearance in Apple Arcade. Last month, games like Jigsaw Puzzle, Cooking Mama: Cuisine!, and more were released.

Apple is giving gamers the opportunity to enjoy existing titles by releasing Apple Arcade versions of popular App Store games. These Apple Arcade versions do not include any advertisements or in-app purchases.

That is usually a good thing, and the absence of anything that can get in the way of fun is one of the things that makes games available on Apple Arcade so easy to get into. Nearly 250 exclusive titles are already available on Apple Arcade, and more will be added in July, as listed below.

New Apple Arcade Games coming in July 2022:
  • Subway Surfers Tag (SYBO Games) Launching July 15: With Subway Surfers Tag, the most downloaded game ever goes off the rails. Players will be able to skate, grind, and tag their way to a new high score as they explore engaging, dynamic arenas with trains and tracks for the first time in the series.
  • HEROish (Sunblink) Launching July 22: The goal of this thrilling head-to-head castle defense game is to win by controlling one of six heroic heroes while summoning troops, casting spells, and destroying adversary towers.
  • My Bowling 3D+ (iWare Designs) Launching July 1: The most lifelike Ten Pin Bowling game for mobile devices is My Bowling 3D+ by iWare Designs.
  • Samorost 3+ (Amanita Design) Launching July 8: Samorost 3+ is an exploration, adventure, and puzzle game from Amanita Design, the celebrated authors of Machinarium and Botanicula.
  • Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD+ (Ironhide) Launching July 29: Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD+ pits players against armies of powerful foes, epic boss fights, new towers, and the training of legendary heroes.

Moreover, consumers can get 3 months of Apple Arcade free when they buy a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Mac.