Samsung’s next high-end Exynos chip codenamed “Quadra”

Samsung is having a tough time with its in-house Exynos chipsets, and it looks like the company is trying its best to fix that. It was previously reported that the company wants to develop exclusive chips for Galaxy devices, which will be available in 2025. But now, a popular leaker, Roland Quandt says that the next-generation flagship Exynos chipset’s internal codename is “Quadra.” This goes against recent rumours that said that Exynos won’t make a new flagship chipset until 2025.

The Quadra may be the Exynos 2300 SoC found in the upcoming Galaxy S23 Series. Furthermore, according to a previous report from GalaxyClub, the company is working on a flagship Exynos chipset with model number S5E8535. Since S5E9925 was the codename for the existing Exynos 2200, the new S5E8535 chip could be Samsung’s high-end chip, possibly the Exynos 2300.

Unfortunately, no additional information is available, so it is unknown what upgrades or improvements will be included in this new chip. The 3nm GAA fabrication process, as well as the most recent ARM CPU cores and an updated Xclipse GPU based on AMD’s new Radeon GPU, may be used in the upcoming chipset. 3nm chipset mass production is expected to begin later this year.

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