Microsoft Edge update adds grammar editor, smart web selection tool

Microsoft Edge, the built-in browser for Windows, is getting two new features with the latest update.

The Microsoft Editor, a service tool for checking and fixing spelling and punctuation, is integrated into the browser’s spell-checking features. Additionally, the service offers suggestions for improving the text. Microsoft Editor is, in fact, a direct rival to Grammarly, which is widely adopted. Now, you don’t even need to install an add-on to use this feature because it’s built into the Edge browser.

Next, there’s a new “Web Select” tool that makes copying text from the web, including tables, easier. This feature simplifies the selection of formatted web content such as tables, pictures, or text. This, along with the web capture option, which makes it simpler to screenshot, annotate, and save content you find on the web, is sure to be a potent combination for getting the most out of your online time. In a table, for example, you can choose whole paragraphs in their original formatting right away, or you can just copy and paste the cells you want to.

Microsoft Edge’s editor is offered in more than 20 languages, but it only corresponds to the browser’s primary language. In addition to grammar corrections, Microsoft has announced that text predictions in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese will be available very soon, seeking to make writing what you want to write much simpler.

If you wish to try out these features, update your Microsoft Edge browser to the latest version. These changes may take some time to appear for you, but rest assured that they are rolling out now.

Speaking of the features, Liat Ben-Zur, Corporate Vice President, said,

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