Instagram will soon let you publish posts directly from desktop

Instagram has been adding new features to its platform lately and has been testing features as well. While until now the Instagram Desktop version allows users to scroll through their feed, like, comment on posts, it did not allow users to publish posts directly. It is going to change soon as Instagram has started testing this feature on the Desktop version.

Twitter user Matt Navarra has shared screenshots of how publishing posts directly from the Instagram desktop version looks like. The Create and Share posts button is present next to the Direct Messages button and users will have the choice to upload photos/videos from their computer or drag and drop the file. Similar to the mobile app, users can add filters to the photo, edit it, add a caption, location, turn off commenting.

Instagram is testing this feature as of now, and we can expect a wide rollout soon.

Christine Pai from Facebook said:

We know that many people access Instagram from their computer. To improve that experience, we’re now testing the ability to create a Feed post on Instagram with their desktop browser.

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