Google Chat for Android update brings improved search functionality with filters

Google Chat, the instant messaging service that is a part of Google Workspace, has now received an update that improves the search functionality with interactive filters. These filters will help speed up the search process, making it easier to find links, files, etc.

The new interactive filters will allow users to search for particular items that were sent in certain dates, chats, dates and more. Clicking on a filter will bring up a screen where users can set a parameter to narrow the search. For example, using the “Said in” filter, users can search in one particular chat or group chat.

The search results have also been cleaned up and improved. Results will now also include the content of the messages, which should make it easier to understand the results.

The update is first rolling out to Android users starting today, and is expected to roll out to iOS and Web users by the end of July, 2021.