Facebook introduces Admins Home with new tools, settings and features for page admins

Facebook has introduced a bunch of updates for admins of Facebook pages that adds new features such as member summary, improved tools for comment moderation, options to slow down conversations, admin announcement notifications and more.

With regards to content moderations, page admins have a lot more options now. They can:

  • Restrict people who don’t qualify to participate based on several options, such as how long they’ve had a Facebook account or whether they have recently violated group rules
  • Proactively prevent comments they don’t want from showing up in their group, rather than deleting them after the fact
  • Reduce promotional content by declining posts and comments with specific links, with feedback for the author, so they can edit their post and re-submit it for review.
  • Use preset criteria from Facebook to help with priorities such as limiting spam and managing conflict. Admins can browse, add and edit preset criteria to meet the needs of their group. Admins have the option to undo specific actions from Admin Assist, or to change and refine criteria over time.

There is a new option to set limits on how often specific group members can comment and how often comments can be made on certain posts that admins select, which can be useful to slow down conversations. There is also a member summary that admins can use to see consolidated summary of each member’s activity in the group.

Admins can now appeal to Facebook for another review when a member or an admin has a violation in the group, and there are new conflict alerts when there may be contentious or unhealthy conversations taking place in the group.

It is possible to turn certain types of posts on or off (such as Polls or Events) for general type groups, and Chats have been re-introduced so that they can directly accessed within Facebook Groups without needing to move to Facebook Messenger.

Other updates include pinned comments, admin announcement notifications, the ability to share feedback when declining potential members and tag group rules.