Skype introduces “Name Your Call” feature to help differentiate between multiple video calls

When you have multiple calls scheduled, it can sometimes be confusing to remember what was the purpose for each meeting. To help with this issue, Skype is introducing a new feature called “Name Your Call”, which allows users to customize certain aspects of a call to make them uniquely identifiable.

With “Name Your Call”, users can choose to customize the video call’s name with customized titles, emoticons, and background colors. This can be done at the time of creating the call using the “What is this meeting about?” field.

Skype will offer a set of default titles to choose from such as “Brainstorm”, “Happy Hour”, “Dance Class”, etc., each with its own accompanying emoticon. Users will also have the option to set up an entirely custom call title along with a emoticon that compliments it.

Skype has also integrated the feature with their Meet Now feature, which means that user’s can quickly set up their video call and customize the title in a couple of clicks.

The feature is rolling out to all users starting today.