Apple MacBook Air with colourful new designs may release by the end of 2021

Apple may be working on a new model of the MacBook Air laptop, that may come in multiple new colours, similar to the new iMac. According to a YouTube video by popular leaker, Jon Prosser, the new Macbook will have a new design, with thinner bezels and new colours, including Blue and Green.

In the video, Jon Prosser reveals that he managed to find images of a Blue MacBook, but could not release the images to protect the source. Instead, he helped make renders of the device that shows off various aspects of the MacBook.

The new Macbook model appears to have a slim new design with only 2 USB Type-C ports on either sides, which suggests that this model will likely be a new MacBook Air and not a MacBook Pro. The bezels for the display appear to be smaller, and more interestingly, they are white just like the new iMacs. The keyboard also appears to be updated, and they have white key caps instead of black like the current MacBooks.

The rubber feet are now long strips across the bottom sides instead of 4 bumps in the corners.

There is no information about the internal specs of the device. It is expected to launch later in the year, which suggests that it will be powered by a new processor, likely the Apple M2 chip.

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