Google showcases WebXR capabilities with 4 new experiments

Google has announced the launch of the WebXR Collection, which a set of 4  “experiments” designed by the Google Creative Lab designed to showcase the AR capabilities of the API. These four experiments are named Sodar, Measure Up, Floom and Picturescape.

The WebXR Device API was released by Google and was designed to help with virtual reality and augmented reality experiences on devices through a web browser. For Android devices in particular, the WebXR API uses ARCore to power these experiences on Google Chrome.

In the Sodar experiement, users can visualize social distancing through their browser by creating personal augmented reality radar around them. Using the camera, users can see who or what is inside a 2m virtual ring around them in any environment.

The Measure Up experiment is very simple – calculate the length, area and volume of the things in the environment without using a tape measure. The third experiment is called Floom that allows users to tunnel through the earth and see what is on the other side, and lastly the Picturescape experiment will let viewers view their Google Photos in augmented reality.

Sodar, Measure Up and Floom are available today while Picturescape will become available soon. These WebXR experiments can be experienced through compatible devices, a list of which can be seen here.