Zoom adds new security features to help prevent interference, trolls in virtual meetings

Zoom has had their fair share of security vulnerabilities when they shot to popularity during the start of the pandemic and since then, they have been working hard to add new features and secure their platform. Their latest update now adds the ability to suspend participant activities, gives participants a report button and notifies hosts of At-Risk meetings.

Zoom’s new “Suspend Participant Activities” will let the host and co-host temporarily stop all video, audio, in-meeting chat, annotation, screen sharing, and recording in the call, and then provide them with a window to report a user from their meeting, share any details, and optionally include a screenshot. This is one way Zoom is trying to reduce meeting disruptions.

The second way that Zoom is trying to reduce meeting disruptions is with a feature called At-Risk Meeting Notifier. What it does is scan for publicly shared Zoom Meeting links on social media posts and other websites. If it finds one, it will send an email notification to the account owner, with advice and steps to secure the meeting and reduce the chances of having a meeting disrupted.

Along with these two features, Zoom also added the ability for participants to directly report disruptive users, which is a feature that was previously only available to the host and co-host.

Zoom has already begun the rollout of these new features to the Zoom clients over the weekend.