Facebook introduces “Manage Activity” tool to help archive or trash old posts

We all know how embarrassing some of our old Facebook posts can be. Especially for those who created their Facebook accounts during their teenage years. Facebook has announced a new tool called “Manage Activity” that lets users archive or trash old posts in bulk or individually.

Manage Activity is split into two functions — Archive and Trash. With Archive, as the name suggests, you can archive those posts that you find funny and memorable, but is too embarrassing to keep on your public wall. By archiving, you can keep them hidden and still view them at a later point in life.

The second function, Trash, is also pretty self-explanatory. Facebook will let you view all your posts in one place and give you the option to trash them if you wish. This can either be done individually or in bulk. Facebook will store the trashed posts for 30 days, in case you change your feelings about the post, after which it will be permanently deleted.

To help with the management, Facebook has also added filter tools like searching for posts with specific people or from a particular time period. Manage Activity will be rolling out first to the Facebook Mobile app and Facebook Lite, and will later be available for the desktop client.