Apple’s 2020 5G iPhones may be delayed for months due to production issues

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing Apple to consider the idea of delaying its 5G iPhone as its product development schedule is being disrupted. Another reason for the delay is the reduced customer interest in buying new phones, especially new iPhones, thanks to the current economic climate.

While two of its major competitors, Samsung and Huawei have already launched their first 5G devices, Apple is yet to do so. It would be in its interest to have its first 5G iPhone become really popular. But with the pandemic, there is a notable reduction in consumer interest in smartphones altogether.

Along with this, there is still massive shortages there are massive shortages with Apple’s supply chains. While China largely reports its recovery from the pandemic, industries are slow to open. Engineering development for the iPhone is further being slowed down by travel curbs by the US, owing to the worsening outbreak over there.

Supply chain manufacturers have been informed to deliver parts by August, which is late considering normally the deadline is by June. Nothing is confirmed yet and worst case scenario, the launch of Apple’s 5G iPhone pushed to next year. For now, Apple is preparing and planning for the worse outcomes too.