Google Photos for web gets movie editing feature in new update

Google Photos

Google Photos for Android got an advanced video editor with an update last year and the company has been introducing new features like the ability to search text in picturesExpress backup, dark mode, etc. Now, Google is bringing the video editing feature to its web interface with a new timeline editor for movies.

The video editor on the web client is different from the advanced video editor present in the Android app. This video editor is still bare-bones and only allows you to add video clips, photos, live photos to the editing timeline, change music, and trim and reposition them.

You still can’t add text, filters, etc with this editor, but something is better than nothing. It is to be seen if Google will add more features and improve its functionality. The video editing feature seems to be rolling out gradually and might take some time to show up for you.


Author: Manoj Nagendra

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