Facebook said to be working on its own AI voice assistant to rival Alexa and Siri


In recent days, various reports have been emerging on brands like Amazon, Microsoft working on various products with their voice assistant built in. While Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana has been present for years now, we haven’t seen voice assistants from social media companies like Facebook, Twitter become popular among consumers. But, looks like it is going to change as a new report suggests that Facebook is said to be working on its own AI voice assistant to rival the offerings in the market.

According to reports, Facebook is said to be working on launching its own AI-based voice assistant. Facebook’s augmented reality and virtual reality team which led by Ira Snyder are said to be been developing an AI voice assistant since 2018 to take on rivals like Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, etc.

Facebook has reportedly started connecting with smart speaker companies for a partnership to make devices with Facebook’s own AI voice assistant. It seems that Facebook is mainly developing the assistant for its Portal smart display, Oculus headsets, and future Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality devices.

It is not the first time Facebook is developing a voice assistant as the company launched its M assistant for Messenger in 2015. But it was eventually closed last year. It is to be seen what Facebook would bring with its new voice assistant to take on the rivals.

Commenting on this, a spokesperson of Facebook said:

We are working to develop voice and AI assistant technologies that may work across our family of AR/VR products including Portal, Oculus and future products

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Author: Manoj Nagendra

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