Gmail for iOS gets much needed swipe gesture


Google recently announced a brand-new mobile redesign for Gmail with many new productivity improvements. The company has added a new swipe action in Gmail on iOS to do any of the following actions: Archive, Trash, Mark as read/unread, Snooze, and Move to.

This feature indeed helps the user to get things done more quickly and can be customised as well. Users can access the swipe configuration settings by going into the Gmail iOS app and navigating to Settings > Swipe actions, and choosing the swipe options that work best for you.

Moreover, the users can also use the same actions to triage the notifications as well. For example, if you like to snooze emails, you can press firmly (3D Touch) or long press on a Gmail iOS notification, and click on “Snooze” directly to pick the date and time when to snooze the email until.

In addition to this, the redesigning also includes attachment quick view, switching between personal and work accounts, minimal use of colour helps you focus on content and of course, a red warning to alert you when something looks phish-y.