Apple to soon let app developers offer discounted iOS, macOS, and tvOS subscriptions

Apple, in an article posted on App Store Connect, detailed that iOS, macOS, and tvOS app developers will soon be able to offer discounted subscriptions to past subscribers in an attempt to win those customers back. As a part of this introductory offers for new subscribers, there will be three categories of promotional offers for previous subscribers; Free, Pay as You Go, Pay Up Front.

With Free: customers access your subscription for free for a specific duration — for example, a 30-day trial for a subscription with a standard renewal price of $4.99 per month. Pay As You Go: customers pay a promotional price for each billing period for a selected duration — for example, $1.99 per month for three months for a subscription with a standard renewal price of $9.99 per month. Lastly, Pay Up Front: customers pay a one-time promotional price for a specific duration — for example, $9.99 for the first six months of a subscription with a standard renewal price of $39.99 per year.

Developers will be able to offer up to 10 different promotions at once.
The promotional offers will also be available to the existing subscribers, allowing developers to both retain and win back subscribers. However, new customers who are yet to subscribe to an app will not have access to the promotional offers but may be presented with an introductory offer if the developer offers one.

Developers can use the receipt validation to identify subscribers who have turned off auto-renewal so that they can act quickly with a promotional offer in an attempt to win them back before the end of their current subscription period. Once the promotional period ends, the subscription auto-renews at the standard price. These new promotional offers for previous and existing subscribers will be available in iOS 12.2, macOS Mojave 10.14.4, and tvOS 12.2 and later. Apple first announced this change in its iOS 12.2 beta release notes.

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