Google Duo v44 hints at Low Light mode, data saver, new call answering UI and more


Google Duo is getting a new update bringing the version number to V44, however, it doesn’t bring much to the table on the covers, but underneath there are few subtle inclusions. The team behind Duo is said to be working on a new Low Light mode to enhance the video-calling experience in underlit conditions. 

The Low Light mode will be accessible with a button, which will be shown right on the call screen along with the buttons for muting and hanging up on a call. While how Google aims to implement low-light isn’t entirely clear, but it should improve the exposure level of the overall image, but this will certainly help.

In the Duo v43 teardown, elements of a new Data Saving mode began to emerge. As the name suggests, the feature would scale down the video resolution for everybody on the call for the sake of conserving data. This will be useful for anybody on a cellular or metered Wi-Fi connection. In this latest update, some new text adds further details about the feature.

This new text explains that Duo already scales back on data usage when on the mobile network, but the new Data saving mode will further save data thanks to the new Data Usage toggle. The phrasing also explicitly points out that this applies to both mobile and Wi-Fi connections. Once the Data Saving is enabled, there will be an icon to let know users know.

Google Duo

Other changes and additions include a new call answering UI that drops the standard “Swipe to answer.” Google Duo 44 allows users to record a message in Duo or select an existing clip from the device’s gallery. You can update Google Duo directly from PlayStore or download the APK and sideload it from here.