Facebook ‘Your Time’ dashboard to check usage finally rolling out worldwide

Facebook and Instagram

Weeks after announcing the ‘Your Time on Facebook,’ Facebook has finally started rolling the feature across the world. This is designed to help users manage social networking habits similar to what we have with Instagram’s usage insights. The dashboard reveals how many minutes you’ve spent on Facebook’s app on that device each day for the past week and on average.

It also lets you set a daily limit and receive a reminder to stop after the limit has reached. Furthermore, now you can access shortcuts to the notification, News Feed and Friend Request settings. These two shortcuts are new, while rest remain the same when it was previewed. You can access it by going to Facebook’s More tab -> Settings & Privacy -> Your Time on Facebook.

With Google, Apple embracing similar wellbeing features on their respective operating systems, and Instagram’s Your activity, digital well-being features are becoming available to a wide swath of smartphone users. However, the question of whether dumping these features will have any impact on users remains to be seen. Facebook and Instagram features don’t have any forceful method to make users quit from using the app.

However, Facebook’s ‘Your Time’ doesn’t offer a breakdown of how long you spend browsing the News Feed, watching Stories or exploring photos on profiles versus creating posts or comments, messaging or interacting in Groups. Hopefully, Facebook brings more functionality to the feature soon.