WhatsApp said to be working on Instagram Nametag-like ‘QR Code’ and ‘Add Contact’ features

WhatsApp in the recent day has been on a roll as it is pushing new features in regular intervals. New to join the list is the ability to share own contact info and to quickly add contacts. The feature, however, is not available yet, but the company is seriously working on the ability to bring Share Contact Info via QR.

With this feature, users can quickly add contacts directly from within the application. Though something similar was available already, the company wants to make it easier by redesigning the functionality from the ground up on iOS and Android. The feature will replace the current option, so it will be located in the same menu.

The UI is very simple and intuitive. You can choose the country where the user is located, so WhatsApp will automatically insert the country code, then you can insert the phone number. Once done, WhatsApp automatically shows if that user is on WhatsApp. If you look closely, it is something similar to Instagram’s nametag feature and Snapcode on Snapchat. When the QR code is detected, WhatsApp will automatically fill all fields and the contact will be added in your address book.

When you generate your QR code the first time, WhatsApp gives the possibility to revoke it. Since it is the testing phase, no info regarding the official rollout is known at the moment.