Google Assistant to get Screen call to handle spam calls; Duplex to roll out from November

Google earlier this week has introduced new hardware, and along with it, the company has introduced new Assistant features that will be coming over the next few weeks. The Google Assistant can now also control many popular media and entertainment devices, and the biggest among them is the ability to detect spam calls and let Assistant do the job for you. 

When you get an incoming call from an unknown caller, just tap “Screen call” to let the Google Assistant help out. You’ll see a transcript of the caller’s responses in real-time. This feature is coming to Pixel 3 this month and to Pixel 1 and 2 in November. This uses the same AI technology as Google Duplex.

The company back in May at the I/O 2018 introduced the Duplex technology which on behalf of the user takes the appointment requests and more. At the Pixel event, Google announced that this feature would live in November. All three generations of Pixels will be getting Duplex booking capabilities, but only in New York, Atlanta, Phoenix, and the San Francisco Bay Area to begin with.

Every smartphone comes with a lockscreen, and this acts as a security layer but also makes the Assistant useless which could be a pain sometimes if you want to know something when you are in a rush. However, Google seems to have a workaround which is an opting-in through your Assistant settings, which can respond to queries. This feature is exclusive to Google Pixel 3.